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Lord Corporation Products


Chemifin is the sole authorised distributor of Lord Corporation products in Indonesia. Lord Corporation is a leading technology and chemical company headquartered in the USA. Contact us for information on any Lord products

Chemlok is Lord Corporation's market leading range of rubber to substrate adhesives. Chemifin offers the full Chemlok range of products and provides technical support including selecting the suitable grade and advising on application best practices. Contact our specialists for further information and enquiries

LokRelease - Rubber Mold Releases

LokRelease is Lord Corporation's range of mold release agents for use with molded elastomers. LokRelease products provide a semi-permanent, anti-stick surface coating for easy removal from molds. Contact our specialists for further information and enquiries

RC-1017 is a primer and acts as an adhesion promoter to polyolefins (TPO, PP) or cured EPDM and other low surface energy substrates for double sided tape application, sticker, weatherstrip

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